I forgot to wear my rubber bands, can I double or triple up to make up for it?

Some patients have come into our office with two or three sets of rubber bands in their mouth. Having forgotten to wear their rubber bands, they wear several at one time in hopes of making up for lost time. This is not a good idea. The rubber bands given to you by your orthodontist are chosen specifically for their size and strength to accomplish the specific task assigned them. Double or tripling up will not produce the same results as wearing your rubber bands as prescribed. Imagine having a whole cake for dessert that is to be spread out over the course of a week. If you forgot about it and tried to eat the entire thing in one day you would get sick. The saying “if one is good, two must be better” is not true in this case and in fact is not true in most cases. If you forgot to wear your rubber bands, wear them as prescribed and try to do better from here on out. PS: don’t lie about how much you have been wearing your rubber bands when you get into the office, your doctor can tell.

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