Does it hurt to get your braces off?

NO! Getting braces off does not hurt. To start off with, the orthodontic will check one last time to make sure your teeth are in optimal position. If so, then the process of getting your braces off begins. You will bite on a cotton roll for more comfort while the orthodontist bends the brackets, breaking the glue off of the brace and leaving it on your teeth. The bands are then removed (if you have them) and all your braces are lifted off your teeth at one. After this the orthodontist will polish the extra glue off of your teeth and reveal the beautiful smile you worked so hard to achieve. The process of polishing feels a bit strange and you teeth may be a bit sensitive to the cold air rushing by them. If that is the case, your orthodontist has a few tricks up his sleeve to make the process less noticeable.
See the tools we use to take off braces in person at Gleason Orthodontics.